Yesterdays World Searching for NEW Chief (child) Ambassador

Child Ambassador

Yesterday’s World in Great Yarmouth are on a mission to make its museum even more fun for children in 2015 by adding new and interactive activities and displays.

To help them come up with ideas and inspiration they’re looking for a new member of their team and no one knows what kids like better than kids themselves!

So, they’re looking for a new Chief (Child) Ambassador to help them decide on new activities and displays to be added to the collection ready for 2015. This new role means than the successful candidate will get to see their own ideas come to life and have a very real say in what new things there are to see and do at the museum next year. The role will be perfect for someone who loves history and learning about how history helped shaped the world today. The ideal candidate will have at least 3 years’ experience in knowing how to have fun and an imagination that knows no bounds!

Yesterday’s World gives visitors of all ages the chance to discover over 150,000 nostalgic artefacts set in 20,000sq ft of themed areas plus virtual and interactive exhibits. Take a trip down memory lane and beyond and see one of the best social history collections in the country come to life before your very eyes. Ride on the full size Victorian Carousel completely free and then re-fuel in the Victorian Tea Room, named by the Times as ‘one of the top 50 best places to eat by the sea’ in their Best of Britain awards.

To be considered for the role of Yesterday’s World Chief (Child) Ambassador applicants must be aged eight or under on 1st March 2015 and have a really cheeky smile as they’ll be the face of the museum starring in a new promotional video. In return for all their hard work (well fun work!) the successful candidate will receive an annual pass to Yesterday’s world plus plenty of goodies.

Ben Rowe, General Manager at Yesterday’s World said, “We’re hoping to create an even better experience for children in 2015 at Yesterday’s World. Do they want more buttons to press? Things to pick up and feel? – or even a watershute that take them around the entire museum? – whatever it is, we want to use a child’s unhindered imagination to get a fantastic insight into what children actually want when they visit Yesterday’s World. We’ve got some amazing exhibits and atefacts – Our new ‘Chief’ Ambassodor will help us shape the way these are displayed going forward”.

To apply for the highly coveted position of Yesterday’s World Chief (Child) Ambassador candidates should write a covering letter of no more than 100 words explaining why they think they are perfect for the role and send it to .

Applications close on September 30th 2014 and terms and conditions can be found at or call 01493 331 148

Do you know a child under 8 that can user their imagination to help showcase the past to the visitors of the future?

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Yesterdays World: Great Yarmouth Day Out

Step back in time to experience the bygone era, Yesterdays World: Great Yarmouth will take you on a trip down memory lane. Journey through time experiencing the recreated life size shop displays and street scenes, sit in an air raid shelter or take a ride on the 19th century carousel, there is something for everyone at Yesterdays World.

Situated along the golden mile of Great Yarmouth experience an amazing 125 years of British social history magically brought back to life. Discover over 150,000 nostalgic artefacts set in 20,000sq ft of themed areas plus virtual and interactive exhibits.

The museum recaptures the past with many displays on show and fantastic memoribilia dating from the 18th century right up to the 1970′s. Discover fascinating facts from historical characters and see for yourself how life has changed since the nineteenth century. Displays include life size wax figures of King Henry VIII and his wives, also Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy in the Silent Movie Theatre. Watch classic silent movies from these famous stars. Sit in the NEW Anderson shelter display and experience a WWII air raid! Take a walk through the recreated life size street scenes and shop displays, taking in the evocative sounds and smells of past.

From the moment you step in to the Museum (before you even pay)  right through to exiting through the Victorian themed Tea Room, you are taken back into history. As you enter the Museum you can see straight away some of the superb displays with some fantastic memorabilia



Having a go at an old arcade game

Dad has a good chat with Winston Churchill

Dad has a good chat with Winston Churchill

Once you pay for entry you take the stairs to the first floor, where you can meet King Henry vii and his wives, visit the Queen’s throne room and find out about Victorian life.


You then take a walk down the corridor where you can see displays of HG Wells Time Machine, Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein’s monster and a fabulous collection of vintage cameras


Next take a walk through The Village Green and stroll through the Carpenters workshop, The Wheelwrights workshop and the Apothacary. Browse at the large selection of agricultural tools, trade bicycles and ailments. Listen to the short video in each area and experience what is was like to live in those days.

To continue the historical journey in the past, walk down the stairs and turn left onto the Station Approach. Here you can walk onto the Railway Platform and listen to the steam train arriving, look around and absorb in the atmosphere of WWII evacuees.


Walk away from the Station Approach and look at the Victorian shop display fronts down Memory Lane, there are many artifacts to look at here like old banknotes, old toys and a tobacconist. The boys particularly enjoyed looking at the Toy Shop and was happy to see that their was brick building toys available back then.

Leaving Memory lane, walk back past the Train Station and onto Blitz street. Here you will be able to read about WW2, sit inside and air raid shelter and listen to the air raid siren or take a look at what a trench looked like.


The best part of the tour has got to be the Carousel Parade, not only do you get to take a ride on a stunning 19th century restored carousel but you can walk inside the shops, which are full to the brim of memorabilia, and take a good look around.

The boys loved the Wall of mirrors and had so much fun standing in front of them and seeing how much their body shape changes with the different curved mirrors. Dad really enjoyed looking around the bike shop, as a cyclist he is very interested in bikes and he also enjoyed sitting down in the silent movie theatre and watching a classic Charlie Chaplin Movie.

Before you exit the museum you are taken through a Victorian style tea room, served by waiters and waitresses dressed in themed clothing, you can sit down and enjoy a cream tea before you leave. The Tea Room has been voted by local tourist as one of ’50 best places to eat by the sea’, you can visit the Tea Room at anytime and no need to walk through the museum to sit and enjoy a  tasty treat. We was served tea/coffee and cake after our walk through the museum, the waiter was friendly and the tea room was clean and comfortable. The choice of cakes was ample and they cater for children too by selling fruit juice.

The menu

The menu



Yesterday’s World is a lovely and interesting day out, there are lots to see for all ages with many interactive displays for the children to get involved.

The Museum is currently looking for a Chief (child) Ambassador, Do you know a child under 8 that can user their imagination to help showcase the past to the visitors of the future? Take a look here for more information

Admission  Prices

  • Adult £6.95
  • Senior £5.95
  • Student £5.45
  • Special needs £5.45 ( Carer £2. 00 )
  • Child ( 4-15 years) £5.45
  • Family ticket ( 2+2) £22.80 – Extra Child £4.45

Or for what we had was a

See & Tea Ticket

  • £8.40

Enjoy the attraction for as long as long as you like and then follow it up with a slice of cake with a pot of tea or coffee

Open from 10.30 – 5.00pm

 We was supplied with family tickets for this review, photos and opinions my own.

Shaun the Sheep: Shear Heat DVD review



The troublesome farmyard gang is back as Shaun the Sheep™ returns on DVD on 21st July 2014. From Aardman, the acclaimed creators of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep™ Shear Heat follows Shaun and his pals as they get up to yet more mischief!

Comprising of ten short episodes, viewers are welcomed back to Mossy Bottom Farm to follow Shaun, Bitzer and the rest of the gang as they embark on a series of fun-filled adventures. Including hilarious episodes such as Shaun the Fugitive, Bull Vs Wool and The Hang Glider, this animated series promises to keep the kids laughing all summer. As well as a range of exciting behind-the-scenes features, the DVD also includes the teaser trailer for Shaun the Sheep The Movie, which is being released on February 6th 2015, and an in-pack colouring sheet.

Episodes included on this DVD:

·         Shaun the Fugitive

·         Mission Inboxible

·         The Rounders Match

·         Film Night

·         Bull Vs Wool

·         The Piano

·         The Snapshot

·         Prickly Heat

·         The Hang Glider

·         The Shadow Play

Extra Features:

·         Behind the Scenes: Rigging

·         Behind the Scenes: Animating Shaun

·         Behind the Scenes: Sheep Maintenance

·         While the Animator’s Away

·         Shaun the Sheep: Movie Teaser Trailer

About Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep, Aardman’s family favourite TV series, is recognised the world over for its slapstick humour, distinctive look and strong, quirky characters and enjoyed across multiple media platforms. First appearing in Nick Park’s 1995 Academy Award winning Wallace & Gromit film ‘A Close Shave’, Shaun then went on to star in his own series which launched on BBC One in 2007.   The first Shaun the Sheep Movie is currently in production with feature film partner Studio Canal and scheduled for release in Spring 2015.

Comprising of 10 short episodes of the well loved British Animation it promises to be 70 minutes of pure laughter. My youngest enjoys the theme song and in between each episode he dances around the living room to the music, as soon as the episode starts he sits down and giggles away. Their favourite episode on the DVD is Film Night, where Shaun and Bitzer the dog are sitting down in a shed watching funny clips of themselves getting hurt or embarrassing moments in which the other is not amused at!

There are many appearances from the best loved Shaun the Sheep characters including Timmy, Bitzer, The Flock, The Farmer and the naughty pigs throughout the 10 episodes. The relationship between Bitzer and Shaun the Sheep is friendly and fun to watch. Bitzer is often found in the farmyard with a clipboard taking his job as sheepdog quite seriously when the farmer is around but once in the company of Shaun he will join in, if it suits him, with his wayward antics. Shaun the Sheep does not follow the Flock and is quite mischievous. Shaun often finds himself in tricky situations like the time in ‘Shaun the Fugitive’ when he tries to pinch cake for all the Flock but gets caught out by the Farmer and Bitzen as he is covered in cake. With his fun Nature it proves hard for the Farmer to stay mad with him.

Oliver, my youngest, is 3 and says that Shaun is naughty but funny.

This DVD is ideal for children aged 3 to 10, although with no words and only music the older of the age group would most probably under stand the humour a bit more than younger children. As a parent i would happily enough sit down with the children and watch the DVD with them as each episode is short and funny.

Be sure to join in the fun this summer as Shaun the Sheep – Shear Heat arrives on DVD on 21st July.

We was provided with a promotional copy of the DVD for the purpose of this review.

Slow Cooker Chocolate Chilli Fudge Bites

Perfect melt in your mouth Chocolate fudge….


These mini chocolate fudge mini bites with an added little extra kick from chilli are easy to make and taste so damn good!

I can’t completely take full credit for them though as I got the recipe from a facebook page called Slow Cooked Wonders :) although I did slightly change it to my taste.


  • Tin of sweetened condensed milk 397g
  • 200g white chocolate
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 100g milk chocolate
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 chilli, grated


Empty the condensed milk into the slow cooker, cook on medium.

Break up the chocolate into pieces and add into the pot, add in the butter and vanilla essence

The mixture will needed to be stirred every 10 minutes for about 2 hours, after 1 hour turn the cooker down to a low. The mixture will start to become thick with a thin skin over the top, so it needs to be stirred often.

Add in the chilli towards the end and mix in.

Pour into a lined tin or mould, leave to cool and then place in the fridge for 24 hours to set. I lined my square tin with cling film so it was easy to take out once done


Once set remove from the fridge and score/cut into square chunks

You do not need to add in the chilli if you prefer, if you do it depends on the type of chilli that you add in for the intensity of the chilli kick.

Now all you have to do is enjoy! Let me know if you give it a go :-)





Vita Coco Kids review


Vita Coco Kids is made from young coconut water blended with natural fruit flavourings and spring water with no added colourings or preservatives, making it a natural source of hydration for children. With around 20 percent less sugar and less calories than other leading UK chilled kids’ drinks, it is the healthier beverage option for your children when you’re out and about. Available in two mouth-watering flavours, classic Apple & Blackcurrant and tropical Mango & Pineapple, these little cartons of goodness are also bursting with naturally occurring potassium that helps keep your little ones energised and hydrated on hot summer days, which makes them perfect for days out.

The boys favourite the tropical Mango and Pineapple flavour and they drank them pretty much in one gulp! Our day out was a hot one and keeping the children refreshed and hydrated is important, they are best drunk when ice cold. The size and shape of the carton made it easy for the little one to hold on to and the cute little characters advertised on the front makes them stand out on the shelf in the shop, not only are they tasty but also attractive.

My youngest took his monkey to the beach and just like the boys he got thirsty pretty quickly… especially after running in and out of the waves and building sandcastles, the boys weren’t too happy in sharing their drink but they know how important it is to stay hydrated and to drink little but often on hot days.


I found that they were the perfect size to fit into my hand bag too and didn’t weigh the bag down too much, which meant that they can be carried around all day when we visited a Theme Park and taken out when needed.


I wasn’t sure that the boys would like the taste as they are not too keen on coconut water, especially the middle boy, but I was wrong! He loves them! The taste of coconut is there but not very intense and the natural fruit flavour takes over, they are not very sweet tasting neither.

Vita Coco kids is available in two flavours – Apple & Blackcurrant and Mango & Pineapple RRP is from £2.99 for a 4 x 180ml pack.

Vita Coco, 100% natural coconut water is based on one single ingredient: fresh coconut water from young green coconuts.

They are definitely going to be an addition into our shopping trolley, much to the delight of my boys.

Vita Coco Kids will be a Lollibop Festival over the weekend of 15/08/2014, if your visiting why not head on over to their area and taste for yourself!

The boys trip of a lifetime

For the past few days the boys have be looking through a very big book, so big that in fact it has the whole world in it! The Atlas!

The eldest has decided that once the youngest one, who is 3, reaches 16 he will take them all on a road trip around the world, well not quite a road trip as such as it will also include traveling by a row boat and a tri-plane (built by the boys). Don’t ask me how they intend on raising the oodles of money it would take for this trip to become reality or whether or not it would actually happen, but listening to them talk about what country they will visit, how they are going to get there and what route they will take has made me so proud of them. The fact that they are planning it together and taking into account each others views on where they want to visit and why. It’s made me realise how close they really are and that all the little arguments and scraps that they get into is just a part of siblings growing up together.

A part of the conversation I heard from them was……

Jak: What country next Joseph?

Joseph: How about That One (Joseph points to Hong Kong)

Jak: O.k

Joseph: Oh My Gosh! Jak. We are going to visit lots of countries, we could have a girlfriend in every one we visit! How long is it going to take us?

Jak: Maybe a year or so!

Joseph: Woah! What if I have a baby in another country!

He does make me laugh, but I think I need to be having a serious talk with him when he gets a little older lol

So with the world in their hands and money as no object, here are their plans…

Jaks article:

We are going to get a flight to Amsterdam then drive to Munich (Germany). After that we’ll drive to southern Italy and get a ferry to Malta. We will then fly back to France and get another flight to the United States of America. We’ll drive from New York to San Francisco and fly to Rio De Janeiro and play football! After that we’ll go to Thailand and travel to Ha Nol in Vietnam so that its easier to get a flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo. Lastly we’ll finish our trip with a nice, warm visit to Nan, In Cold Norton :-)

We will use our scooters in San Francisco, our bikes in Munich, we will swim in Vietnam and fly our plane over the Swiss Alps.20140812-213947.jpg

I’ve been told that I can join them in Malta but I have to pay for myself and I can only stay with them for a few days as I will be too old!


‘I Believe in Unicorns’ showing at Vaudeville Theatre

Wizard presents I believe in unicorns by Michael Morpurgo

This intimate show is set in a library full of books that hold more than stories within their pages. It is a tale of the power of books, and the bravery of a young boy called Tomas. Tomas hates school, books and stories but, forced to visit the library his world is turned upside down the day that he meets the unicorn lady there, he stops to listen to magical tales that she tells and he is drawn in…. an enchanting and interactive show, I believe in unicorns sparks imagination in both young and old, and challenges you not believe in unicorns after joining Tomas’s spellbinding journey.

Set against the backdrop of war-torn Europe, “I Believe in Unicorns” explores the power of stories to transform lives.

What the critics say:

‘breathtakingly beautiful and utterly charming…a must see’ primary times

‘an utterly magical stage adaptation of michael morpurgo’s enthralling children’s tale’ the stage

‘a captivating show, beautifully performed, multi layered and surprising’ brighton festival*

* I believe in unicorns won the argus angel award at the brighton festival

West end run

  • appearing at vaudeville theatre for a strictly limited run from 8 to 31 august
  •  ticket prices £17.50
  •  34 performances overall at a capacity of 677 per performance
  •  running time: 57mins (no interval)
  •  recommended Age: 5-11 years and anyone who loves great stories
  • websites: and

Performance schedule: (3 weeks only)

Fri 8 August – 11am & 7pm

Sat 9 August – 11am

Sun 10 August – 10:30am

Mon 11 August – 11am & 2pm

Tue 12 August – 11am & 2pm Thu 14 August – 11am & 7pm

Fri 15 August – 11am & 7pm

Sat 16 August – 11am

Sun 17 August – 10:30am

Mon 18 August – 11am & 2pm

Tue 19 August – 11am & 7pm Thu 21 August – 11am & 7pm

Fri 22 August – 11am & 7pm

Sat 23 August – 11am

Sun 24 August – 10:30am

Mon 25 August – 11am, 2pm & 7pm

Tue 26 August – 11am & 2pm

Thu 28 August – 7pm

Friday 29 August – 11am & 7pm

Sat 30 August – 11am

Sun 31 August – 10:30am

The show is only running at the Vaudeville Theatre for weeks only, so book tickets quickly!

A moving play that shows us the importance of books, community and the devastation of war…..with hope at the end. I can not wait to watch the show for myself and for the children to experience a magical show based on the best-selling children’s author Michael Morpurgo’s enchanting tale to life.

This post s brought to you as a sponsored post, I have received no payment but will be reviewing the show in return for some tickets. Thank you to