Recycle your Moshlings into a Moshi Monster picture frame

Do you have lots of little moshlings scattered all over your bedroom floor?

Do you have lots of doubles of moshlings?

Why not make a  moshling picture frame with them!

DSC_0145 (1)

My son has lots of moshlings and normally keeps them in a little treasure box, but he found that he has lots of doubles from buying the blind bags and wanted to do something with the doubles so that he could keep them. His school gave him a recycling project for the Easter Holidays and he wanted to so something a little different. He decided on doing a Moshling picture frame.

You will need:

  • A picture frame with a wide frame
  • A tube of no-nails
  • A gaulk gun
  • Moslings




  • Decide which moshlings to use on the picture frame
  • Insert the no-nails tube into the gaulk gun
  • Squeeze the lever until the glue comes out of the gun
  • Cover the wide frame completely with the glue
  • Place your moshlings in place, wherever you want them – My boy really enjoyed this part as he really thought about where he wanted to place the moshlings
  • Once covered, place to one side to allow the glue to set
  • You can add a little glitter to the glue
  • Once dry you could spray the whole frame one colour and add a little gold glitter dust. My boy wanted his to show the colours of the moshlings.

You now have a colourful moshling frame to place on the side board

My boy filled his frame with a picture of cherry bomb that he drew himself

Very happy with his creation

Very happy with his creation

These frames are ideal things to make with any odd toys laying around the house, we made one last year with lego

Hope you enjoyed this crafty post :-)


First Visit to the Dentist

The youngest hit a milestone the other day. He had his first official visit to the dentist, where he got to sit in the big dentists chair. I say first official because he has been before but he was only seen along on my appointment and it was last year when he was two. This time he had his own appointment and it was only him that was being seen by the dentist.

It was a struggle to get him to leave the house, first as we had not long been in from school and he was enjoying himself playing in the garden and secondly he said he was hungry and didn’t want to go anywhere until he had eaten. The latter was the problem. When Oliver is hungry he needs to eat straight away as he becomes very irritable and doesn’t stop moaning for food.

First he asked for a yoghurt, I refused. Then he wanted a slice of cake, I refused. I explained to him that the Dentist doesn’t want to look inside his mouth if it is full of food. Finally he pinched a spearmint polo from my handbag and placed it into his trouser pocket and said “I’ll have this than and eat it later!”

I thought that maybe I could distract him from the polo on the way to the Dentist. It was only a ten minute walk away. Surely he would forget it was there.

We walked to the Dentist and we talked about what the Dentist would do when he got there, his older brothers reassured him that there was nothing to worry about and Oliver seemed to be excited about going. As we arrived the older boys waited outside and played football on the green, Oliver and I went in to the reception area. It was empty. All the staff immediately faced towards Oliver and started to talk to him. Oliver being the shy little boy that he is (not normally) hid under the chairs in the waiting room and wouldn’t come out. Anyone would have thought he was seeing the Demon Dentist. I saw his hand go towards his mouth, He surely isn’t is he! YES he did! He had placed the polo in his mouth and began to crunch down on it. Everyone thought it was funny as he came out from under the chair and said “Now the Dentist can’t see me because I have a polo in my mouth” I felt so bad, as there we are sitting in a Dentist and my son is eating sweets!

Oliver was a little apprehensive at first but after a little chat with the Dentist, he was ok. She explained to him that she just wanted to count all of his teeth. After a little cuddle from Mummy he sat in the chair all by himself.

Open wide

Open wide

He did everything the Dentist asked of him, he opened his mouth so wide I thought he was going to eat her!

After scraping away some of the polo from the teeth he was given the big thumbs up. All of his teeth are strong and healthy with no sign of any damage. Thank god! He does have a sweet tooth

He was given a big sticker and proudly wore it all the way home. :-)


A visit to The Sky Gardens

The sun was shining and the sky was clear, not a cloud in site. A perfect time to visit the Sky Gardens, London situated at 20 Fenchurch Street or locally known as the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building. London is a beautiful city and it wasn’t til our recent trip into the city that I realised that behind all the tall buildings and beyond the many Royal Parks there are so many delightful places to see.

Living about 35 minutes away from London makes it so accessible for us to get into and an ideal place for family day outs.

A friend of mine had previously visited the Sky Gardens and I knew as soon as I saw the photos of her visit that I would have to visit and see for myself the stunning indoor hidden gem that London has to offer. Entry into the Sky Gardens is free, Visits are pre-bookable, we booked our visit the day before but it is advisable to book at least a few day before you want to visit.

DSC_0029 (1)_opt

The Walkie Talkie Building

We planned on meeting Daddy for an early lunch so booked our visit for 11:45. After going through the security down on the ground floor we was ready to embark in the lift and to travel 35 floors up to the top of the building.


The lift went really fast and within seconds and a pop of the ears we was on the 35th floor, as we walked out through the lift doors we was greeted with the most beautiful sight. Not only was there the 360* breathtaking view of London to admire but also a gorgeous landscaped garden with a viewing area. The whole area is one big dome, spanning over 3 floors including a bar, cocktail terrace, restaurant and cafe.

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The plants on the gardens have been individually chosen to work in the particular quality of light under the roof canopy. You can immediately smell the freshness of the herbs and the ferns. The viewing terraces are naturally ventilated, As we planned to visit on a warm day the temperature within the sky gardens was warm.

We enjoyed a relaxed walk around the terraces and as we strolled round the Sky gardens we appreciated the uninterrupted views of the City.

As a family we really had a superb afternoon in London’s highest hidden gem, the boys were excited when looking out at the views. They spent a while pointing out buildings and areas that they recognised, the youngest even pointed down to the Tower of London and told me that was where his childminder lived lol.

After a stroll around the Gardens and Terraces we sat down in front of the Flowers and took joy in drinking a Latte and ate some croissants (bought in the cafe) The children found a cute little cycle to pose in front of, there were a few of these scattered around the Sky Pod area.



We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend a visit if you Live or planning a visit to London.

Hope you enjoyed my post :-)

Down by the sea

The sun is shining
The waves are lapping against the already wet rippled sand
I can hear the cawing of the seagulls as they circle around above us
Children’s laughter echos in the slight sea breeze
Footsteps get washed away as the waves lap over them
The seaside is the place to be…

We visited Bexhill on Sea last week, it’s not local to us but was near to where we was staying for a few days.
It’s such a beautiful little town, the were no crazy golf or rides for the children to enjoy just a big long Beach, and an equally long promenade (especially good for cycling on) and some pretty buildings to look at.



I love this picture of oliver posing infront of the beach huts. The beach just isn’t the same without looking at the colourful decked out beach huts.


Spring is upon us. These flowers smelt just as nice as they looked and made the promenade look so pretty.


Looking out to the sea. The world is his oyster, wide and open.


Nothing quite like a run on the wet sand


The ripples left by the sea were so pretty


Although as inviting as the rock pools were, we steered the boys away from walking on them as they were very clay like and slippy.


A view of the big wide ocean from behind the beach huts


This Little one wasn’t feeling very well but he still managed to explore the rocks


The dry ripples on the sand


Nothing quite beats a jump in the cold rock pools,  that’s until you notice a little crab heading for your toes and run for it!


And to end a perfect walk along the beach with a cycle along the promenade.
Oliver has just learned to ride his bike without stabilisers and the promenade was an ideal place for him to cycle along.

Thank you for reading this post, hope enjoyed looking at our snaps from the seaside

A perfect weekend in London, Top 5 places to visit

Living so close to the big City has its advantages. We are just a 35 minute tube ride away from entering the City of London and as a family we it is our prefered place to visit for a day out. There is so much to do and see, that every time we visit there is always something new that we haven’t seen before. There is something quite special about London at night-time and we often take a car journey through London just to drive over the Bridges and see the City lit up. The best bridge is Tower bridge as you get to see the Tower of London all lit up and look down the Thames towards the City.

Our top five places to visit in London are:

  • 1.  Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. This place is huge! We have taken our bikes before and cycled around the whole park, It was so nice to cycle through the park on the big wide cycle lanes safely. Summer time is the best time to visit the park as you can cool down your aching, tired feet (from all of the walking) in the Diana Memorial Fountain or you can take a dip in the Serpentine Lido. Keep your eyes peeled for all of the statues spotted around the park. As you walk over the W Carriage Drive into Kensington Gardens, you will be taken back to 1902 and get to meet Peter Pan. The statue is situated along side The Long Water. Once you have met Peter Pan the children can then use their own imagination and creative play in Diana Memorial Playground. The playground was inspired by the stories of Peter Pan to encourage children to explore and follow their imagination. More about our days out here

diana playground

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  • 2. The National Army Museum. Situated in Chelsea, a 12 minute walk away from Sloane Square station, along Royal Hospital Road. Here you will find a museum that museum that moves, inspires, challenges, educates and entertains. This museum is a favourite of my boys, not only do they get to learn about the story of the British Army and its role in history but a kids zone where children explore aspects of army life from camping to clothing. It includes a dedicated soft-play space for babies, plus arts and crafts, dressing-up costumes, books, interactive toys and a castle fortress.
Photo from littlebird

Photo from littlebird



  • 3. The Emirates Airline Cable Car. Catch the cable from Emirates Royal Dock or Emirates Greenwich. We took a ride in it from the Docklands side, it was easy to get to from the Royal Victoria station on the Docklands line. Travel across the River Thames in a glass globe and see London from a different perspective with beautiful views and sights below. To add to the breath-taking views there is also an on-board tour as part of the Discovery experience. The audio and visual tour takes you through a series of fascinating hidden stories about the sights of East London. On board, as you travel 90m up above the river, you get to see London’s most famous sights including the 02, Thames Barrier and Royal Docks. A single journey can take up to 10 minutes.


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  • 4. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Made famous for the legacy of the Olympics 2012, The olympic park is now open to visitors to explore and enjoy. In the south of the park you will find a climbing wall, adjacent to the Arena and a little play area

olympic park

olympic park 12

In the North of the park is Tumbling Bay Playground that features rock pools, sand pits, tall tree houses, and wobbly bridges, as well as slides, swings and plenty of space to run about. It’s like a little magical, mythical, fantasy world where children can play in a natural environment and be creative with their thoughts and imagination. Read about our day out here

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Next door to the Tumbling Playground is the Lee Valley Velo Park where you get to recreate the olympics by trying out the track indoors and outdoors. My boys loved trying out the BMX track.

IMG_2641_opt IMG_2631_opt


  • 5. ST Katherine’s Dock. Live the marina life in London, just a short walk from The Tower of London, you will be amazed at how beautiful this place is. ST Katherine’s Dock is London’s hidden gem, the former dock has been transformed into an elegant marina with abundance of shops and restaurants. This is my sons favourite place to visit, he wrote about it here. Take a stroll around the marina, look at all of the stunning yachts, you may even get to watch one come in through the lock.

st katherines dock

All of the above would make a perfect weekend for us and even better if we got to stay in a Hotel, staying in the centre of London means you get to the top attractions first nd you can fit more into the day. The Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington is currently offering 50% off connecting rooms this February, March and April, providing even better value for families. (2015)

Available weekends, and every day during half term and Easter, the hotels Family Fun offer gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your family whilst enjoying the sights and sounds London has to offer.  You won’t need to worry about breakfast either as full English breakfast is included.
This is Mumofthreemusketeers entry into Tots100 and The Royal Garden Hotel competition to win a five-star stay for the family in the hotel.