Visit Father Christmas World and experience a magical journey

Let the magic begin….

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Imagine a wonderful, magical, icy world where Father Christmas and his elves live and work. With snow covering the ground and giant polar bears to snuggle up to, this is the stuff children’s dreams are made of Except it isn’t a dream.

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Set in the grounds of a beautiful country estate just outside Royal Tunbridge Wells, Father Christmas World is a brand new experience for children and adults alike. Opening its doors from mid-November until the end of December, families will have the chance to experience this very special and unique adventure.

Starting with a ride on the Tinsel Train, the journey through Father Christmas World begins at the Welcome Show, a chance to meet Grumpy the Elf and Charlie the Dog, who might teach you a word or two of Elvish if you’re lucky. Then it’s on to the Giant Igloo, with 60 snowmen to decorate using our special dressing up boxes.  Your next stop is the Adelfie Theatre where you’ll help Adelf find her lost presents.  Now it’s into the Ice Cave to meet the lifelike polar bear and cubs. Then there’s a chance to head into the giant Snow Globe for festive family pictures and a Snow Dome with real snow. The journey ends meeting Father Christmas himself!


Set to become the UK’s number one Christmas attraction, Father Christmas World promises amazing theatrical features and life-size animatronics, which will enthral children during the most magical time of the year. Elves and Elf helpers will help make dreams come true. Father Christmas world promises to be an unforgettable festive journey through a fairy tale world.

To book tickets visit or call 0800 0850020. Tickets range from £50-£65 per person.

Father Christmas World takes place at Salomons Estate, Broomhill Road, Southborough, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent and tickets go on sale week commencing 8 September 2014.

I share this information as an official Father Christmas World Blogger

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Time! Is there enough?

Sometimes I wish time would just stand still 

For those precious moments in life that you want to last forever

Or if I could pinch those moments from life and put them in a jar so that I could watch them when ever I wanted to.
Moments that are not captured on camera. We can capture a smile on camera or a laugh on a video but you can’t spend your life with your eyes behind gadgets. Most of the time precious moments happen when we last expect it.
Like the times when my 3 year old holds me so tight and tells me he’s giving me a squeeze. That won’t last forever, he’ll grow up and soon forget to give his mum his squeezes.
Like the moment my 7 year old told me that he loves me so much, I’m the best mum ever just because I cooked him his favourite dinner
Like the moment when my 12 year old looked at me with love, kissed me and told me he loved me, just because he wanted to!
These moments are getting shorter. As they grow they become less and less.
I wish time would stand still, long enough to enjoy the moment.
It used to be a snuggle on the sofa in front of the TV,  now is a quick peck on the cheek as they run off up the stairs to play in their bedroom.
Is there enough time in the day to fit love and life into?!
I tell my children everyday I love them, I give them a cuddle and try and make time in our busy lives for all of us to sit down together and enjoy each others company.  It’s not easy with fitting school,  work,  clubs and social life into but its worth it. It has to be done.
Life is a rush.
I often find my self saying “where has the time gone? ” my boys are growing up too quickly
Tick tock, tick tock!
Time is going by so fast
I just want it to stop for a few minutes a day so I can breathe and take it all in.
The other day as we was walking through a busy underground tube station in central London at rush hour, my Joseph said to me “Why is everyone in a rush?  Why do they have to push part us “

I answered “They’re rushing to get home,  maybe to their families or friends”
“I don’t think rushing will get them home any quicker ” he answered. He’s right. How many times do you see someone rushing part you in a car or by foot, only to see them a few moments later just a little further down the road at a traffic light or bus stop.

Don’t rush your life away. Take it slow and breathe. Remember what we have here and now.
Yesterday a compliment was given to me about my eldest son, if only I could have held time, made it stop. So I could have taken it in, thought about it and just sat smiling for a little longer.
We have a memory jar at home in our living room, that we add in our written memories. On New Years Eve we all sit down and pen up that jar, reading it each others memories and we reminisce the good times. We talk about them, laugh and sometimes cry. But that jar can’t possibly hold all of our memories. For this we rely on our heart and brain.
Each night I kiss my children goodnight,  each morning I cuddle them tightly and every day I ask them how there day has been. Because I know that one day they will not be there at night nor in the morning and it won’t be me that they are rushing home to be with. So I’m holding on to my time now, here and now!

Experiencing a new culture #newthings

It’s our last week of being involved with CSMA Newthings bloggers challenge. We have really enjoyed trying out new things as a family especially our trip into London to visit film locations of Harry Potter. Spending time together and enjoying each others company has been a big part of this challenge. As my boys grow up I have noticed that they are doing more and more individually and as Jak is now 12 he has been enjoying his new-found independence and going out with his friends instead of wanting to spend his spare time with us. So having set days where we get to spend time together and enjoy experiencing new things has been a delight. This week challenge was to experience a new culture, although i would have loved to embark on a once in a life time trip to India to teach the children about their culture  it just wasn’t possible so we brought India to our little livingroom in Greater London instead. We visited a restaurant where we ordered some food from the counter to take away. The aroma coming from the shop was tantalizing and was definitely exciting our senses. My tummy was rumbling at the sight of all the lovely colourful food to choose from. We ordered Naan Bread, chappatis, tandoori roti and chicken curry, Joseph chose them all. I like to invite the children into choosing their food as they then seem to be more enthusiastic in wanting to taste it. We watched the chef cook make up the naan from the dough bread and then he placed it into a cylindrical clay oven, called a Tandoor. DSC_0195 Once we arrived the boys draped some material over their shoulders just like the Indian dress. We researched on the internet about traditional clothing and found out that it varies from region to region depending on ethnicity, geography, climate and cultural traditions. A sarong is a traditional garment in India for men and a sari for women.The material used is colourful and can be patterned.

While the boys were waiting for their food they did a puzzle of a traditional hindu family eating their dinner, it was this picture that we tried to reenact in our own living room.


DSC_0197  wpid-wp-1411362166658.jpeg DSC_0196

I served up our food on a tray and placed it on the floor, using our fingers we used the naan and chappatis to dip into the chicken curry. The boys loved it and soon all of the food was gone!



Once we was full up we watched an indian music video on Youtube, the boys danced around the living room just like they were on the video. Indian songs mostly come from Indian films .

After a few minutes of dancing we all sat down and I attempted at doing some Henna on the boys feet. Henna is a paste made out of crushed leaves and twigs of a henna plant. When the paste has been applied to skin and left for a few hours, it leaves an orange stain on it (which fades away after 7 days). Mehndi is a long-standing tradition stemming from ancient cultures and is originally used on the palms of the hands. Henna serves as a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality.


We didn’t cover the foot as the boys have school, so we only tried a little tattoo. It was quite easy to use but the boys found it ticklish and wouldn’t sit still lol.

We really enjoyed finding finding about a new culture, the children especially enjoyed the hennna tattoo. They now have something to show their friends of our cultural night in.

Have you tried a new culture this week?

Thank you to CSMA for inviting us along on the NewThings challenge, I hope you have all enjoyed reading about all the new things that we as a family have had fun doing.


CSMA challenge: Crispy bacon, houmous and cheese topped Pork chops #newthings

This week our challenge set by CSMA was to try a new food, well I have been a bit lazy on the blog from what with returning to work and the children going back to school and I have found it difficult to get back into a routine. I left it too late to do a shop (I had something extravagant to try out) but instead I had to result with trying out anew recipe with what i had left in the fridge/cupboards. I guess that is just normal life!

This is week 3 of 4 for the CSMA challenge, last week it was Try out a new game, which we wrote about Balloon Pop and the week before it was to visit a new place, we went to London and done a Harry Potter tour.

My family love to try new food and don’t shy away with tasting something that is new to them, anything to tickle their taste buds. The boys get quite excited when they are served up a new recipe to try. I have always taught them to taste it first before complaining that they don’t like it as sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised at how something tastes as to what it looks like. The youngest loves his seafood, with his favourite being mussels from the shell and The eldest is beginning to enjoy eating lots more spicy food and has even started to be adventurous in cooking them

A well-balanced diet, Eating a variety of food is good for our health. Each week we try to introduce a new food into the house, wether it be a new spice, new recipe or a new fruit to try. The children now like to pick out foods at the supermarket and ask me if we can try it at home, i like to encourage this and when we are cooking it I get them to watch and help out.

Unfortunately this week we wasn’t so adventurous with our food but it was still a new recipe to try.

Pork chops Pizza



Pork chop medallions

Tomato Puree

Half a small onion chopped finely

2 garlic cloves

6 slices Bacon chopped and cubed (remove the rind)


Grated cheese

Oliver oil

Mixed herbs


  • Place the chops under the grill until the pinkness has gone, and turn over for a few minutes.
  • Fry off the onions adding the garlic and bacon in some olive oil until the bacon is nice and crispy
  • Once one side of the chops are cooked and the other side has lost its pinkness, spread some tomato puree over them adding a big dollop of houmous and place back under the grill for a minute.
  • Top the chops with the bacon mixture and add some of the cheese on top, place back under the grill until the cheese melts
  • Repeat the last instructions
  • Take out of the grill and plate it up adding some more of the bacon on top and some mixed herbs

Serve with baby potatoes and greens


We used caramised onion houmous and make sure you are generous with it, it gives a smoothness to the taste.

Hope you enjoy.

If you looking for inspiration on new recipes why not take a look at CSMA Smart Spending page for some recipe ideas on a budget


Matt Hatter Chronicles Season 3


We was recently invited along to an exclusive screening of the New CITV Premiere of Matt Hatter Chronicles

On Saturday 30th August 82 VUE cinemas across the UK screened a never been seen before awesome extended episode of Matt Hatter Chronicles, to celebrate the return to CITV this September.


Matt Hatter Chronicles is An animated action adventure TV show aired on CITV. Matt Hatter is a school boy who has just moved to London from New York to live in Cornet Movie Theatre, which is owned by his Grandpa Alfred. Upon arrival, along with his Mum and Dad, they quickly realise that Grandpa is missing…but where is he? Matt soon discovers the family secret when he falls across the Chronicles. The Hatters are guardians of another dimension called the Multiverse, access to the Multiverse can only be reached through the cinema. Villains from the movies that were once screened at the Coronet have now escaped into the Multiverse and are now answer to the bad Lord Teneroc.

With Matt as the new Hatter Hero along with his friends in the multiverse, Roxie and Gomez, working together they battle and capture the villains and save Grandpa Alfred.

Here is Jak’s video review of the extended Matt Hatter Chronicles that we viewed at the cinema

We even got to meet the Nigel Stone, the creator of Matt Hatter Chronicles. Jak managed to win a prize for receiving the most points on a game prior to the screening and he was presented it by Nigel Stone


Nigel Stone


Jak receiving his prize from CITV presenters and Nigel Stone

getting a high score with quick response

getting a high score with quick response

We had a wonderful time at the VUE cinema, even I enjoyed the animated cartoon!

The boys got to dress up as Matt Hatter

Cool Jak Hatter

Cool Jak Hatter

Awesome Oliver Hatter

Awesome Oliver Hatter

Super Joseph Hatter

Super Joseph Hatter

“To continue the Matt Hatter adventures at home, Simba Toys UK has just launched an all-new Matt Hatter Chronicles toy line. Kids can bring their favourite Matt Hatter scenes to life with the brand new range of toys. True to the popular CITV show, the must-have toy collection allows kids to re-enact Matt and his friends’ quest to rid the Multiverse of Lord Tenoroc’s fearsome Super Villains! Who will become the ultimate Hatter Hero as kids re-live the awesome adventures of the Matt Hatter Chronicles?

The Matt Hatter Chronicles toy range features actions figures, vehicles and role-play toys that encourage collectability and engage kids in interactive play patterns derived directly from the show – a true extension of the Matt Hatter universe.”


The debut toy range is available from all good retailers now. For more information please visit

Watch Matt Hatter Chronicles every Saturday Morning at 7:55 on CITV from 13th September.

We was invited along to the Premiere screening of the new CITV series for the purpose of this review, Thank you Jess.

Watch WatchALL-NEW episodes of ‘MATT HATTER’ every Saturday morning on ITV & CITV at 7:55am from Saturday 13th September!

Snap Shots from an 11 year old

What happens when you give a camera to a Tween?

This is exactly what i did In the summer. Jak was nearly 12 and is just getting into photography.

We was staying at a Haven caravan site in caister, our caravan was pretty close to the grassy sand dunes and on the other side was a lovely wide beach. Jak went off one morning with the camera in hand and came back with these fabulous shots

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Photos by Jak Wright, 12

What do you think? Will he cut it as a Photographer

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall